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Ward off Climate Change

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Gary Warden was raised in the Perth Hills. After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Geology, Gary joined BHP Billiton where he spent 18 years working in a variety of roles in a number of locations around the world. Prior to leaving BHP Billiton in December 2006, Gary was Global Manager for the company's US$1Billion business improvement program.

While he was originally sceptical about the claims relating to climate change, he became convinced of the urgency of the issue in early 2006. He left BHP Billiton primarily to spend more time with his young family, but also to dedicate himself to creating a more sustainable life for himself and his family and to support others in making that change.

In September 2007 he was trained by Al Gore and has delivered the "Inconvenient Truth" lectures to thousands of west australians since then. In November 2007 Gary ran for the senate in the Federal Election representing the Climate Change Coalition.

In addition to his climate change lectures, he has facilitated Living Smart workshops across Perth. Between 2008 and 2009 he was on the Executive Committee of the Conservation Council of Western Australia including one year as Vice President.

Gary co-founded and is Executive Director of the very exciting Days of Change program, one of the largest sustainability programs in Australia and is now General Manager WA for Eco-Kinetics, one of the largest Solar PV companies in Australia and subsidiary of ASX-listed CBD Energy.

September 6 is Independence Day

by Gary 9/4/2008 3:21:00 PM

Well—that should really read “Independent’s Day”, or more correctly “Minor Parties’ Day”, but I couldn’t resist a good headline.

On September 6, your vote in the lower house for one of the minor parties will effectively give you two votes rather than one.

If you vote for one of the minor parties as your first preference then you will be making a statement to both of the major parties about what you stand for—for example stronger environmental protection and social justice (The Greens), Christian values (CDP), family values (FFP) etc. This is effectively your first vote (the statement you want to make).

None of the minor parties are likely to win a lower house seat (although we hope that Toni will put up a good showing in Kalamunda), so inevitably your vote will then get distributed to one of the major parties according to your preferences. This is effectively your second vote (who you want to form government).

So, don’t waste your vote by placing Liberal or Labor number 1 on your ticket. Place a minor party number 1.

With your vote in the Upper House, bear in mind that minor parties do stand a good chance of getting elected there, particularly the Green’s. I believe that having an Upper House with a range of representation from different parties is a very good thing for democracy.So, consider giving your first preference to one of the minor parties in the upper house also.

If, like me, you are concerned about inaction on climate change, then you’ll give your first preference to The Greens in both houses. 

Click here to check out Toni's election website.

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