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Ward Off Climate Change

It is worth reflecting on how far we have come in 12 months before launching a scathing attack on the federal government’s emissions trading scheme.

The fact that we have a scheme on the table that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 5% below 2000 levels by 2020 is a remarkable achievement considering where we were just over 12 months ago.

However I think that many Australians will be dismayed by the pitifully small target, and by the significant flaw in the system which will see consumers like you and I and small business picking up the bulk of the burden for reducing emissions whilst the biggest polluters get “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.


Seasons Greetings

Volume 1, Issue 8

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Christmas Pudding

Most of you will know that Toni and I and the kids are following a specific carbohydrate diet—eliminating sugar, dairy, wheat, rice, potatoes and a number of other starchy foods from our diet.

You might think that we must eat pretty boring meals —you’d be wrong though.

We’ve even managed to develop a recipe for a magnificent Christmas Pudding!

Low Carbon Meal of the Week

Those of you who have attended one of my Living Smart courses need no introduction to the first video.

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute video that tells the story of how things that you buy are produced.

This is a truly amazing video—funny, appalling, informative and inspiring—all rolled into one. Click on the image to watch.

Watch Two Incredible Videos

Onya Weigh Bags

I sometimes wonder who gets more out of my Living Smart courses—the participants or me.

It is amazing how many great ideas or great products I hear about from the participants.

Check out the Tip of the Week below for something that falls into the idea category.

In the product category is the Onya Weigh Bag which one of the participants brought along to last week’s workshop.

These bags are simply brilliant.

Inside each colourful sack are 5 reusable netted vegetable bags. Simply clip the sack to one of your green reusable shopping bags, and you’ll never need to use plastic bags for your fruit & veggies again!


Product of the Week

Keep Forgetting Your Shopping Bags?

Are you like me and keep leaving your reusable shopping bags at home or in the car?

Well next time you do this don’t succumb to using plastic shopping bags.

Simply load your shopping back into the shopping trolley  or basket and then unload the shopping straight into your car (and into your bags if that’s where you left them).

Tip of the Week

I realise that most of you have probably already done your Christmas shopping, however the following ideas apply equally well for when you buy gifts for any occasion:

1. Bokashi Bucket

2. Worm Farm

3. Something You Made

4. A Low-Flow Shower Head

5. Something second-hand (e.g. clothes or a book)

6. A good vegetarian cook book

7. A Power Meter

8. A Pressure Cooker

9. An Onya Weigh Bag

10. A fruit tree or a gift voucher for a Fruit Tree nursery

New year’s resolutions are frequently made and often broken—either because the person making them was drunk at the time, or because the resolutions were unrealistic or uninspiring.

Well here are my top 10 smart new year’s resolutions:

1. Halve the frequency with which you put out your green-top bin;

2. Don’t buy any new clothes (second-hand okay);

3. Create a vegetable garden;

Tips for Christmas Gifts and New Years Resolutions

Trading Scheme Undermines Our Efforts

As 2008 draws to a close, it is worth reflecting on what has been an amazing year.

At a political level we have seen some highs and lows.

On the down side, the capitulation of the federal government on the design of the emissions trading scheme represents the low point (see article below).

The ratification of Kyoto and the release of the interim Garnaut Review report represented significant milestones. The 60% increase in the Green vote in the WA state election showed the level of concern in the community. Toni played an important part in this, running as The Greens candidate for Kalamunda and achieving a 75% increase in the vote.

The outstanding efforts of the Stop the Eastern Terminal Action Group resulted in the postponement of this devastating project to allow more time for community consultation.

My climate change lectures and Living Smart programs have shown me that there are thousands of people across WA who are making a difference.

This gives me great hope for 2009 and for the future. Best wishes of the season to you all.


The next video has the title “Arithmetic, Population and Energy” and features a lecture by Physics Professor Dr. Albert A. Bartlett.

Turned off yet?

Don’t be. At 60 minutes long, this video represents a bigger investment of your time than The Story of Stuff, however it is brilliantly put together and contains some of the most incredible facts.

If you are wondering about the wisdom of the traditional political dogma of “growth is good”, then you will really love this video.