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Ward Off Climate Change

Well—that should really read “Independent’s Day”, or more correctly “Minor Parties’ Day”, but I couldn’t resist a good headline.

On September 6, your vote in the lower house for one of the minor parties will effectively give you two votes rather than one.

If you vote for one of the minor parties as your first preference then you will be making a statement to both of the major parties about what you stand for—for example stronger environmental protection and social justice (The Greens), Christian values (CDP), family values (FFP) etc. This is effectively your first vote (the statement you want to make).

None of the minor parties are likely to win a lower house seat (although we hope that Toni will put up a good showing in Kalamunda), so inevitably your vote will then get distributed to one of the major parties according to your preferences. This is effectively your second vote (who you want to form government).

So, don’t waste your vote by placing Liberal or Labor number 1 on your ticket. Place a minor party number 1.

With your vote in the Upper House, bear in mind that minor parties do stand a good chance of getting elected there, particularly the Green’s. I believe that having an Upper House with a range of representation from different parties is a very good thing for democracy.

So, consider giving your first preference to one of the minor parties in the upper house also.

If, like me, you are concerned about inaction on climate change, then you’ll give your first preference to The Greens in both houses.

September 6 is Independence Day

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Balti Vegetable Curry

Toni and I are continuing to explore more vegetarian options for our meals.

This curry is great because you can throw in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge or in the garden.

We threw in a head of broccoli fresh from our Aquaponics system.

The Balti masala paste is fantastically aromatic and you’ll be grateful you took the time to make it yourself. However if you’re pressed for time, then a quality prepared paste from the supermarket will be almost as good.

Low Carbon Meal of the Week

Toni and I both attended a forum run by the Conservation Council of WA and co-sponsored by the Australian Conservation Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund and the Wilderness Society.

To kick things off, representatives from the peak environmental groups had an opportunity to talk about what they saw as being the most critical environmental issues in this election campaign.

It was then the turn of representatives from each of the major political parties to talk about the approach of their respective parties to these issues and to answer questions from the almost 100 people in the audience.

Sadly, the Liberal Party did not deem the event important enough to send along the shadow environment minister and sent along Ray Halligan, MLC for North Metropolitan. Mr Halligan admitted to not being fully briefed on the environmental policy, and drew gasps from the audience when he admitted that he thought that the jury was still out on the cause of climate change.

Minister for the Environment, David Templeman did a considerably better job and showed that he was well informed on most of the issues. He was unable however to justify the continued construction of new coal-fired power stations.

The Labor party has made a number of significant environmental announcements during this election campaign, which appear to be impressive at face value.

For example, discounts on the third party insurance for low emissions vehicles, free insulation for 20,000 low income households and a gross feed-in tariff of $0.60/kWH for households installing solar panels on their roofs.

These are all excellent initiatives, and I support them whole-heartedly. Combined, they will have the impact of removing more than 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere each year.

However it is worth putting them into perspective. One coal-fired power station produces almost 3,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. There are two new coal-fired power stations under construction, and more in the pipeline.

So, just one of these new power stations will completely offset the benefits of three of Labor’s biggest green election announcements with less than one weeks worth of production!!

And don’t think that the Liberal Party is any different. It isn’t.

Both Liberal and Labor are committed to continuing our reliance on coal as a source of electricity. This is simply unacceptable.

Liberal and Labor Not Serious About Climate Change


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