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After forming in May, the Hills Climate Action Group has really pressed the accelerator pedal (zero emissions vehicle of course).

We now have a website up and running, where you can find more information about the group, including the programs we are involved with and copies of meeting minutes.

We aim to bring out a newsletter on a roughly monthly basis to keep members up-to-date with the latest happenings on climate change.

Melbourne’s CH2 Building

Welcome to our New Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1

29 June 2008

Garnaut warns climate change “diabolical” for economy

Professor Ross Garnaut released his much-anticipated draft report on climate change on Friday.

The full report runs to 548 pages, and many of you might baulk at that much bed-time reading. However, if you’re interested, you can download the report here.

For those of you with less time, there are a couple of video interviews you may like to watch.

Professor Garnaut appeared on ABC TV’s Inside Business program today and spoke about the impacts of an emissions trading scheme on Australia’s economy. View the vodcast here.

Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, appeared on ABC TV’s lateline program on Friday night and said that the government must act now on climate change. View the vodcast here.

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Professor Garnaut says Australians will “regret what they still had in the Australian natural environment in the early 21st Century.

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The film is the winner of 26 international awards, including the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.


The Corporation Puts Spotlight on Corporate Greed

Hills Climate Action Group member Terry Howlett informed a recent HCAG meeting that the City of Melbourne’s revolutionary new CH2 building is an example of how the city is setting the standard on environmentally friendly building codes.

Text Box: Melbourne Sets Standard

Substation in Activists’ Firing Line

This was the title of an article on page 3 of the Hills Gazette about the formation of the Hills Climate Action Group and our opposition to Western Power’s Eastern Terminal Substation.

In September last year, Western Power revived a plan to build a terminal substation in the Hacketts Gully area of state forest. The purpose of the substation is to provide a point of connection between the coal-fired power stations near collie and the main demand centre of the Perth metropolitan area.

HCAG member Toni Warden informed a recent HCAG meeting that the substation would result in the destruction of up to 400 hectares of state forest.

“In selecting the proposed area for the project, centred on the Hackett’s Gully state forest, Western Power gave no consideration to the environmental or social impacts of the project,” she said.

“Burning coal is death for the planet and with less than 7% of forest left in Western Australia the substation is death for the state forest.”

Western Power is asking for public submissions on its proposed site selection process. The HCAG encourages all members to visit the Stop Eastern Terminal Substation (SETS) website to find out more about this project, and to then make a submission to Western Power.

SETS have even created an on-line letter wizard to help your create your submission (click on the button at right). Closing date for submissions is 31 July.





The article that appeared in the Hills Gazette of 28 June. Click on the image to read the article.